The Mental Health Benefit of Coffee


Who doesn’t love their good ole’ cup of Joe?

Every year, 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed, making this beverage the most popular drink in the world.

It’s no wonder. Evidence-based research suggests some major mental health benefits of your daily brew. Find out what they are:

3 Mental Health Benefits of Coffee

It’s no secret that everyone could use a mental health boost now and again. If you’re interested in simple ways to improve or maintain it, reaching for coffee could be the way to go.

Below, we’ll discuss a few impactful benefits of drinking coffee.

1. Coffee Helps to Increase Productivity

If you’re someone who feels overwhelmed managing tasks, sipping coffee can be a great way to boost your productivity and energy levels. Why, you ask?

The presence of caffeine in coffee is known to energize our nervous system. This extra energy can increase your concentration to focus on work and task completion. So if you’re feeling sluggish or unmotivated, don’t let the work pile up. Try having some coffee to add some pep in your step.

2. Coffee Has a Calming Effect

The smell of freshly brewed coffee is known to get people out of bed in the morning. Who knew that it also has a calming effect?

That’s right. The smell of coffee alone can help melt away some of your stress. So, what about drinking it?

Coffee has also been shown to elevate dopamine. While you drink it, your brain releases more feel-good receptors that can help to calm you down and improve your mood.

3. Coffee Could Decrease Depression

This is a heavily studied topic. Many accredited researchers have found that coffee consumption has the ability to help those with depression. It also may be linked to a lower risk of death by suicide.

That’s some powerful coffee beans! So, the next time you feel a little blue, try searching for the perfect cup of coffee to help you perk up.

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Saratoga Springs

Now, that we’ve covered the mental health benefits of coffee, you may be wondering where to find the best brew.

If you’re living in Saratoga Springs, NY, we have our top five suggestions below:

  1. Saratoga Coffee Traders: Serving the highest-quality coffees, teas, and cocoa products, Saratoga Coffee Traders is a staple in downtown, Saratoga Springs, NY. Their products are 100% organic, free-trade, and shade-grown.
  2. Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea: For over 25 years, Uncommon Grounds has created some of the best-tasting coffee across the Capital Region. This family business is well-known for its quality and freshness.
  3. London’s: As one of Saratoga’s only boutique bakeries and cafés, Mrs. London’s has an extensive repertoire of French culinary delights.
  4. Spot Coffee Café: With their warm, welcoming atmosphere, you’ll enjoy a cup of premium coffee in peace. Even better, when you lease an apartment at Saratoga Market Center, Spot Coffee will be right at your doorstep! Leave your apartment window open, and their coffee aroma may drift right in to wake you up each day!
  5. The Palette Café: This place isn’t only a coffee shop. It’s a place to collaborate and share ideas. You can come here to socialize over a great cup of coffee, quick lunch, or cocktail.


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