1 Bedroom Apartments in Saratoga Springs NY

At Saratoga Market Center, we are committed to providing the most luxurious apartments for rent in the wonderful city of Saratoga Springs, NY. With a host of premium amenities and a pet-friendly policy, you will absolutely love calling one of our 1 bedroom apartments your new home.

Saratoga Market Center Amenities

When you decide to rent one of our 1 bedroom apartments, you will immediately notice the difference that comes with luxury living.

All of our kitchens are outfitted with stainless steel appliances and stainless under-mount kitchen sinks. Along with granite countertops, these features help keep your culinary space as beautiful and low-maintenance as possible. 

To ensure your privacy, we offer beautiful masonite two-paneled molded doors for each apartment along with a private balcony so you can view beautiful downtown Saratoga Springs while enjoying time outdoors! Each apartment also contains in-unit laundry systems so that you do not have to venture away from home. 

Lastly, our apartments all feature premium hardwood floors that provide an elegant and cohesive aesthetic to your living space. All of our surfaces are renovated and refinished between renters so that your new home looks brand new on your move-in day. 


Community Amenities for All of Our Residents to Enjoy 

To provide the most convenient and complete renting experience possible, we also offer a range of other amenities for our entire community. 

Your security is our top priority. Our building features the most modern and comprehensive security measures possible to ensure that only residents and their authorized guests are able to enter. Beyond a convenient place to keep your car, our attached parking space also provides a short walk from your vehicle to your door. 

Featured Amenties

  • On-Site Fitness Center
  • Easy Access Trash Chutes
  • In-Building Elevators
  • Maintenance On-Site
  • Pet Friendly
  • Fully Furnished

Our Pet-Friendly Policy 

Nothing can feel more heartbreaking than leaving your cherished pet when you relocate to a new apartment. We believe that your pet is part of your family, and we would never want to separate you from them. 

Our pet-friendly policy permits both dogs and cats to live in our apartments. With our spacious 1 bedroom layouts, you and your pet will have plenty of room to enjoy your new home together. 


Short-Term and Fully Furnished Options Available

Plan to only stay in Saratoga Springs for a short time? We offer a wide range of generous, flexible renting options. Enjoy the luxuries of premium apartment living without any long-term commitments! 

Fully furnished apartments are also available for both short and long-term residents. Move into a beautifully decorated living space that has been prepared for you. Just bring your personal belongings! 


Right in the Heart of Downtown Saratoga 

Living in the heart of Downtown Saratoga Springs, some of our city’s finest shops, restaurants, and services are within a short walk from your front door! Some of the most-frequented local businesses are located right on our ground floor, such as Franklin Square Market, Coffee Spot, Compliments to the Chef, and No. 1 Nail & Spa. 

If you are someone that commutes for work, our apartments are located within a wide range of convenient transportation options. Whether you ride the bus, take the train, or commute on the highway, your new home is only a few minutes away! 


Floor Plan 22

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 730 SF

Units 222, 322, 422, 522, 622

Floor Plan 3

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 820 SF

Units 203, 303, 403, 503, 603

Floor Plan 4

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 830 SF

Units 204, 304, 404, 505, 604

Floor Plan 5

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 890 SF

Units 205, 305, 405, 505, 605

Floor Plan 6

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 1,005 SF

Units 306, 406, 506, 606

Floor Plan 9

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 760 SF

Units 209, 309, 409, 509, 609

Floor Plan 14

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 710 SF

Units 214, 314, 414, 514, 614

Floor Plan 16

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 715 SF

Units 216, 316, 416, 516, 616

Floor Plan 18

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 715 SF

Units 218, 318, 418, 518, 618