6 Must Have Apartment Items for the Coming Winter

Must have apartment items

While fall transitions to winter, the temperatures will rapidly drop and more snow days will be in the forecast.

Upstate New York is famous for its beautiful falls and scenic winters. However, as the temperature decreases, you may find that you enjoy taking in the scenery from the comforts of home rather than spending more time outside.

If you are looking to prepare your apartment for the wintertime, check out our list of the top-6 must-have apartment items for the approaching cold season:

1: High-Quality Blankets for Common Areas

When it feels like you just cannot seem to warm up enough, having a few quality blankets on hand can help you cozy up in style and luxury for colder days. Look for a blanket with a nice weight to it and a soft, insulating surface. You could also opt for something with more heat-trapping power like a down feather blanket.

Electric blankets can also provide an extra boost of warmth if you want a more direct heat source. However, remember to unplug them when not in use. An active, unattended electric blanket can potentially become a fire hazard.

2: Heavy Curtains to Keep Out Drafts

Window drafts can quickly cause heat to leak out of your apartment and invite the chilly temperatures inside. A heavy curtain will block these drafts and help to contain the warm air indoors.

Heavier curtains also offer the added benefit of reducing the amount of outdoor noise that enters your apartment. Not only will you stay warmer in the winter, but you may also enjoy more peace and quiet as well.

3: Non-Perishable Foods that You Love to Eat

Before, during, or after a snowstorm, running to the grocery store can feel like a chore at best. Keep some non-perishable food items that you enjoy eating on-hand throughout the winter. If you are not in the mood to go grocery shopping, you will always have something within reach that you can prepare easily.

In addition to food, you can also benefit from keeping other household essentials in generous supply. These can include paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, cleaning supplies, and personal care items like shower products and deodorants.

4: Plenty of Entertainment for Snow Days

One snow day can feel like a nice, relaxing break from your everyday routine. If the snowfall extends into multiple days, however, you may start to feel bored or restless having to spend all of your time at home.

Keeping some indoor entertainment available can provide you with plenty of ways to pass the time while waiting for the snow to clear up. Whether you love to read, play video games, or work on a hobby that you’re passionate about, stock up on your favorite activities to stay entertained when you’re snowed in or just do not feel like heading outdoors in cold weather.

5: A Drying Station for Wet Clothes

When you’re out in the rain or the snow, having a drying station for your clothes can help prevent mud, snow, and water from tracking into your apartment. Keep a rubber mat and some hanging hooks near your front entrance so you can easily leave your wet clothes and shoes to dry before moving further into your living space.

6: Snow Removal Tools

Most apartment communities have snow removal provided by the property management office. This helps to create clear paths for residents and vehicles to move about. Still, there may be some extra snow on or near your car that you need to remove before you can drive away.

Two essential pieces of snow removal equipment are a snow shovel and a snow removal tool for your car’s surface. Keeping an extra one on hand in your car can also come in handy if you need to clear off the roof, windshield, and lights when you are away from home.

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