Tips for Decorating a Corner Apartment

corner apartment

Corner apartments are among the most desirable types of rentals. They provide views on two sides of a building, allowing more daylight to filter in, and sometimes offer more floor space than their neighboring apartments.

For some passionate renters, decorating a corner apartment can be a challenge. If you want to decorate your apartment luxuriously, here are some tips for design inspiration to help you turn your rental space into the coziest personal getaway possible.

Decorate Corner Windows with Translucent Curtains

Consider using translucent curtains instead of traditional solid-colored ones if you have large windows in one or two corners of your living room or bedroom. With corner apartments, you will experience more sun throughout the day, but translucent curtains can also help tame the brightness and create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Translucent fabrics such as lace and linen can provide plenty of privacy while still allowing daylight. Light colors like white, beige, or powder blue are best for allowing the most shaded light possible through the windows.

Installing a mirror near corner windows can also further reflect the light. This can help to brighten your space and reduce your need for electric lighting throughout the day.

Create a Home Office Near the Window

Working from home has become a staple of professional life over the last few years. With this new standard for many, it can sometimes feel challenging to separate work from the rest of your life when it all happens in the same place.

A corner is a perfect option if you need office space and don’t have one. Corner apartments typically have windows on each wall, which means you can get twice as much sunlight. Working near windows can help provide a healthy dose of daylight and allow you to experience better neighborhood views. You will feel like you are in a larger space instead of just looking around the interior of your home, which can result in a happier work experience.

If You Have a Corner Balcony, Capture the Views at Every Angle

If you have an apartment with a corner balcony, capture views at every angle by placing comfortable weatherproof furniture on each side so you can look out at different parts of your city or neighborhood. This will provide you with multiple views and make your apartment feel larger than it is. You could also install a screen or outdoor curtain to provide extra coverage if you want to increase your level of privacy. .

Orient Your Furniture Toward the Windows

When decorating an apartment with corners, orient your furniture toward the windows. If your exterior corner is found in the living room, turn all your seating toward the windows so you can experience the full daylight that your apartment provides.

You will also want to turn the back of your television toward the windows so that you do not experience any glare while watching your favorite movies or shows. Combining this tip with our tip about stylish curtains, you can further reduce the chance of glare ruining your viewing experience.

Create a Comfortable Nook to Relax in

If you do not want to create an entire living room space around your corner windows, you can also create a cozy nook with a comfortable chair and any other furniture that helps make the space more comfortable and personal. Once your nook is set up just the way you like, you can relax and enjoy a favorite book, scroll on your phone or tablet, or enjoy a cup of coffee while taking in expansive views.

Rent a Luxurious New Apartment in Saratoga Springs

Corner apartments are the perfect option for the renter that wants a little extra daylight or some extra views of their neighborhood. With some simple decorating tips, you can make the most of the extra daylight while still feeling comfortable at home.

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