The Complete Guide to Renting Pet Friendly Apartments in NY State

pet friendly apartments for rent

When your family includes a pet, apartment shopping can be frustrating. No matter how perfect a rental unit is in every other way, “no pets allowed” is a dealbreaker.

Fortunately, upscale apartment complexes are becoming more accommodating. With so many young professionals choosing to own pets, “no pets allowed” simply doesn’t fly anymore.

Hunting for an amazing pet-friendly apartment? Let’s review what to look for and what to expect as you search for your next home.

What to Look for in a Pet-Friendly Apartment in Saratoga Springs

A suitable pet-friendly apartment goes beyond simply “allowing” pets. Rather, the complex provides the space, comfort, and amenities that guarantee a good fit for you and your pet.

As you research and tour apartment options, look for these features.

Updated Central AC

Modern central heating and cooling is a must. An updated HVAC system:

  • Keeps your and your pets comfortable during hot summers
  • Efficiently circulates air and prevents allergens from building up

Older systems provide inferior climate control, are less cost-efficient, and are more likely to break down.

Appropriate Square Footage

Square footage is always one of the most important considerations during apartment shopping. It’s especially key if you have a pet that requires a certain amount of space.

To determine your square footage needs, find out the dimensions of your current home. Then consider whether or not you need to prioritize a square footage upgrade. 

Pet-Friendly for All Animals

Some apartments are “pet-friendly” but actually only accept certain species, breeds, or sizes. Sometimes, there are extra fees for having pets. Discuss your situation with the property manager before deciding that an apartment is right for you.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

If you have a pet that needs outdoor time, your apartment’s surroundings are just as important as the interior. What do you want to see when you step outside?

An ideal apartment complex for you and your pet has plenty of usable outdoor greenspace, as well as nearby access to fun areas such as dog parks.

Tips for Moving to a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Moving is a lot of work for you and it’s also stressful on your pet. Follow these tips for a happy move.

Let Your Pet Ride With You

Transitioning from one home to another can be anxiety-inducing for an animal. During the moving process, keep them nearby and comfortable. Bring along favorite toys or blankets that help them feel at ease.

Create a Safe Space for Your Pet During the Move

The last thing you need is for your spooked pet to get confused and run loose through an unfamiliar neighborhood. So, pick a room that can remain closed while you’re moving in furniture and possessions. Let your pet hang out there as you complete the move.

A bathroom is usually the least active space during moving and can be easily cleaned if your pet has an accident. Fill the room with some stress-reducing items, like a bed and a toy, and check in on your pet frequently.

Place Your Pet Supplies in an Easy-To-Find Location

Set aside a corner to store your pet’s food, medicine, and other essentials while you’re still moving in. You don’t want to lose the dog food under a pile of boxes—be able to grab these items easily to avoid any extra stress on your pet.

Give Your Pet Time to Acclimate to the New Space

Smart, sensitive animals like dogs and cats may behave differently for a few days after a move.

Be patient if there’s some anxiety and give them some extra attention for those first few days and weeks.

If you’re moving with a dog, give them lots of time to acclimate to their new outdoor bathroom area. When you meet your new neighbors (and their dogs), let your pup meet them too.

If you’re moving with a cat, it helps to designate one room of the house as the “cat zone” where they can be with all of their familiar furniture and toys. Cats are quite sensitive to moves, but familiar objects help to establish a sense of home in a new apartment.

Rent a Luxurious Pet-Friendly Apartment in Saratoga Springs

Are you looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Saratoga Springs? Your beautiful next home awaits at Saratoga Market Center.

Saratoga Market Center units feature high-end perks like on-site maintenance, a fitness center, and short-term and furnished apartment options. And, of course, they’re dog and cat-friendly.

You’ll love the walkable neighborhood that puts you down the street from coffee, restaurants, bars, and downtown. Your pet will appreciate easy access to many green spaces and being right around the corner from lovely Congress Park.

Contact us today to schedule a tour.



  • Lovely quiet apartments in a superb location in beautiful downtown Saratoga Springs. Great neighbors, walk to grocery, shopping and movies, museums and the beautiful Congress Park! A very happy place to live!

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  • Moved in over the summer and it has been the best location/place to live in Saratoga! Maintenance staff and Evelyn in management are super friendly and thoughtful to the residents, always timely in responses to requests as well! Hands down #1 spot to live in Saratoga! Beautiful apartments and the perfect distance from Broadway, SPAC, the racetrack, and everything that Saratoga has to offer!

    Jessica G.

  • Great place to live. Convenient, safe, and quiet. 2-minute walk to all of the great bars and restaurants on both Broadway and Caroline

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